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Default Re: Question to christians

Lol @ Azure's picture.

Anyway, I just wanted to aska quick question. Why is religion so...complicated? I mean, why does it have middle-men- if you get what I mean? Rather than directly having faith in God, or being a good person, doing things based on your own judgement...didn't Jesus/other prophets teach his followers to use their judgement and good sense to do things?

Why/how do bodies/institutions/individuals claim to be the middle-men: In other words, linking common man and God? "In order to reach God, you need our permission". Arrogance of some insitutions seem to proclaim that fact. It's almost as if they're trying to patent/copyright it?

Correct me fi I'm wrong the earlier times Roman Catholics had to confess their sins to a Priest- and then get forgiven. Middle-men again...

Note @ trolls who'll jump in and say I'm biased against Christianity. SHUT UP AND DON'T QUOTE ME. I'M NOT INTERESTED IN YOUR FAIL TROLL REPLIES..

Note @ others: For it me, or is the Church sticking to some of its "Ideals" that it appears like propaganda?


Just one of the few examples I could provide.

And oddly, they aren't exactly scoring very high on philanthropy. I mean, sure they donate money to Red Cross and some organizations, but given the Vatican's vast resources, perhaps you would find them donating to the Bill and Melinda Gates/Rockefeller foundation? I may have missed it, but as far as I know, the Vatican didnt donate much- maybe none at all- money to that many Foundations.
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