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Default Re: 5th Gen Game Info

Hmm... New Trainer status + low post count + very awful spelling and grammar (even in internet standards) + previous posts have been rediculous + not very reliable information = nerdy loser seeking attention on a forum. However, your sig is somewhat well done, so I guess I'll bump it up to someone poorly mislead and lonely.

That's simply not possible. Platinum JUST came out not all that long ago, so there's no way Nintendo would be giving info on a 5th Generation series, even if the game came WAY earlier in Japan. Also, Orre was exclusive to 3rd generation, and making everything done fro 3d to 2d would not suit it. Also, witht eh ability to go to other regions is not quite credible, though I'm not slapping it back in your face because GSC let you travel to and from Kanto and Johto, but then again GSC was supposed to be set 3 years later after the events of RBY (which, by the way, is why there hasn't been a direct remake of GSC. If they do make a game featuring johto, it won't be like it was on the GBC and will be set in the same time RSE, FRLG and DPPt are).

Of course, I still think you're just posting to see a reaction, because this is poorly advertised... of course, you succeeded because I had just reacted, so congrats.
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