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Default Platinum In-Game Question...

First of all, I honestly tried to find a place where I could post some in-game questions, but all the boards are about competitive stuff. xD Sorry, as this may seem out of place on the General Board.

Anyway, I should start off by saying that I, sadly (and rather pathetically), have never defeated the Elite 4 in Diamond or Platinum. >_> I actually only got Platinum a few days ago, and right now I'm still in the process of getting my 8th badge. xP This time, because of Platinum's helpful Pokedex upgrade, I was hoping to finally challenge and win it. So I was wondering, how is the Sinnoh League? Any comments or suggestions?

I have this team:

1) Magmortar
Confuse Ray
Faint Attack // Sunny Day (most likely Sunny Day, though)

2) Togekiss
Air Slash
Magical Leaf
Aura Sphere

3) Empoleon
Grass Knot
Hyper Beam

4) Electivire
Cross Chop
Ice Punch

5) Garchomp
Dragon Claw
Fire Fang

6) Giratina
Shadow Ball
Shadow Force
Dragon Pulse
Fly (I know, terrible xD It's kind of a filler move, though)

Again, any comments or suggestions? New moves? Anything is appreciated. ^_^ Please and thanks.


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