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Default Re: Pokemon type matchups versus real life analogies?

Originally Posted by Pickleboy View Post
Well, let me start off by correcting a few things...

-Grass absorbs water for nutrition, and without it, it would die. Water attacking plants are only really doing them good.
-I do kind of agree with you on the Ice-Water thing. I don't think Ice should have a Water weakness, but I think Water should have an Ice weakness, though I guess if you throw a cube of ice in a puddle of water, the water isn't going to freeze, the Ice is going to melt and become water, so I guess I can see how Water WOULD resist Ice.
-Physically abusing anything would heavily damage it. The point behind Flying resisting Fighting is that it's pretty hard to hit someone who is flying around, and provided you do hit them, it's probably only just a scrape, resuting in the attack not being very effective. What I DON'T understand is how Fighting has a Flying weakness. I'll leave that up to the imagination.
-Bugs live in the dark, they thrive from the dark. The dark doesn't do anything to them that day wouldn't, so bugs have free reign in any kind of light. I think it would make since that Dark wouldn't be very effective against Bug.
-Well, nothing can touch the darkness in real life, so I guess the Dark-type should be immune to all Types? Dark also refers to evil, and Fighting-Types could be associated with super heroes, who fight evil and always prevail.

One thing that never made since to me was how Psychic prevailes over Poison... I can't think of the logic there. Or how Poison resists Fighting.
-I'm well aware that Grass absorbs water, I'm pointing out the fact when you overwater it, such as moves like Hydro Pump
-Ice is able to freeze water if there was more ice than water, therefore, Water should be weak against Ice
-Explain moves like Aura Sphere then, a moves that never misses, even against a Flying type foe; even if the foe is using Fly, it'd make no sense to how it could miss
-I understand that bugs can see in the dark and that they can live in the dark, now can you explain how Bugs types are super effective to Dark types, cause all I'm hearing is that bugs benifit from the dark, that's not exactly damaging the dark
-I get your point for Fighting ---> Dark Weaknesss

-That is a good question, Psychic ---> Poison Weakness
-Poison resists Fighting because you can't physically get rid of poison, as in using your body alone

Here's a new one

Water ---> Poison Regular = Can't water wash away sludge?

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