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Default Re: dawn, brock and ash's pokemon

Originally Posted by SuperSaiyajin4Gengar View Post
What i think about there pokemon in the diamond and pearl is that Ash take takes care of his pokemon. The reason why they evolve because they battle Ash mostly battles with Turtwig, Chimchar and Staravia to gain experince to level up and evolve at the right time.

Ash's Catapie evolved because it was at LV6 and after team rocket battle it reach level 7 and became metapod and thanks to the samuari vs ash's harden battle metapod gained enough experience to skip levels to level 10 making ash's metapod evolve into a butterfree.

I think Exp/LV have effect on the anime the same way as games.

Ash's Pokemon
Cyndaquil = Not battled enough and keeps losing battles (Lost to Whitney 2x)
Totodile = Battled more then Cyndaquil and keeps losing (Wild Snesal/Whirl Island Cup lost in the Joho Series)
Chicarita = Battled more then previous 2 and won more battles then Cyndaquil and Totodile.

Possible future evolution.

I think Ash's Buizel will evolve at some point because it battled equally times as Staravia, Tutwig and Chimchar
Err, Cyndaquil was used much more frequently than Totodile, and was actually rather successful regarding wins, considering he was a part of the Johto team. If I'm honest, Cyndaquil was really the only one treated fairly in that aspect. Phanpy at least got redemption in the Battle Frontier, and Bayleef was somewhat well developed in terms of personality. I'd actually like to see Totodile return in a similar sense to Phanpy, (with Ash Oak'ing Buizel at the end of Sinnoh), and possibly Noctowl, although Staraptor kind of conflicts with that.

I'd hate for Grotle to evolve tbh. Paul already owns Torterra, and it's his most prominent Pokemon. That is a pretty poor arguement considering he also owns Gliscor, but Torterra just doesn't appeal to me, and I really don't see what advantages evolving it would bring, besides a larger bulk and even slower movements.
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