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Originally Posted by Scourge of Nemo View Post

Worst of all, we'd have to do all our school research... IN THE LIBRARY. WITH BOOKS. :O

Which people used to do 100 years ago. :|

Originally Posted by LeafiaGlacia View Post
Oh no! I sure hope that that the world doesn't end in 2012! I was planning to travel to great and exotic places when I grow up.

Hmm..But we could make and underground city or world like in a book series called Pendragon. To escape the pollution and let the world heal itself, but with some of our help?
I didn't say it would end then.

Originally Posted by joangaes View Post
Look Mayans calendar theory isn't about that is about when they're culture disolved it was the year 2012 and theh meteorite was just a rock that it it's still exhibited in here in Mexico so nothing will happen in 2012.
But there's scientific proof right now. Not some Mayan theory.

Originally Posted by Black Hawk View Post
Solar storms won't cause the end. It will just be a major inconvenience.

We should be more worried about the world's dwindling oil supplies :\
Yes we should. And we are.

But it just isn't enough...

Originally Posted by joangaes View Post
We could use the solar storms in our favor by using solar panels and by that using electric cars you can move along without petrol not much science.
But how/ Is it even feasible?

Originally Posted by Scourge of Nemo View Post

I might have to learn how to read!

....But seriously. Everything scientists know about the earth seems to indicate that it most certainly doesn't need us to survive--once we're dead, even if the atmosphere is ravaged and the foliage is withered, it can reboot itself.

As long as the limit isn't reached. Once it's passed, unless something to reverse it is done, the damage becomes irreversible and Earth ends up like Venus.

Oh, and have I forgotten to mention: any damage done is just temporary, however significant it may be. New transformers will be up in a few years.
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