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Solar storms won't cause the end. It will just be a major inconvenience.

We should be more worried about the world's dwindling oil supplies :\

Originally Posted by Scourge of Nemo View Post

Worst of all, we'd have to do all our school research... IN THE LIBRARY. WITH BOOKS. :O

:gasp: God forbid!

PiEaNdChIpS678 (10:48:49 PM): I found one
Mikey94028 (10:49:14 PM): is that
Mikey94028 (10:49:17 PM): who I think it is
husnainisme (10:49:25 PM): wailord
Mikey94028 (10:49:29 PM): o
Mikey94028 (10:49:34 PM): I thought it was dead
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