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Default Re: Dragon-Like Pokémon

Originally Posted by bumblebee16 View Post
If Sceptile is considered a dragon like type, then he is definitly my favortie one.

My favorite dragon would most certainly by Flygon. Then Garchomp, followed by the awesomeness of Kingdra.
I've always thought Flygon was pretty cool myself.

Has anyone else noticed on the box of Pokémon Ranger (the original, not Almia), they have 4 pokémon, 3 Dragon-type, and the Charizard. The other 3 are Flygon, Kingdra, and Salamence. Each one seems to represent an element, like Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire. I thought that was neat. Charizard is probably the best example, at least in my book, as a dragon-like, but not Dragon-type Pokémon.
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