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Default Re: Your worst pokemon nickname

Originally Posted by Quagsire View Post
I've got this from a trade. A shiny jolly ambipom 30/31/30/30/30/31. Bad thing is its NN TwinBums... anyway i can change it with AR.
Originally Posted by rangermoore View Post
I got a Wailord and trained it to level 100. I named it "Kitten"
Originally Posted by gawi5 View Post
In Pokemon FireRed i name my Bulbasaur, Wangasaur...
Originally Posted by Spontaneous Generation View Post
Well I was young, and this was back in the days when GS first came out and I wasn't familiar with all the new pokemon yet. I captured my first Heracross and didn't know what it did or anything, but I named him Horny unaware of my epic naming failure for a year or so...
^Made me crack up.

I have a Salamence called CC, which I don't understand, a female Anorith called philip and a female Nosepass called Larry, but that's about it. I'm not one for naming Pokémon.
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