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Default Re: RP Announcements and Feedback

Hey i know i an new and all but i was thinking of making a new thread Call "Poke'heros" ((I know lame name)) I would be basied on my fanfiction i wrote but it will have boys there too. (( The fanfic is called Poke'Gals and i don't think any guy would want to be in a team called Poke'Gals.)) A basic summary of it is that the human world, our world, didn't 'offically' knew about the other world right next to them, the pokemon world. One day a robbery of an experiment in a pokelab lead to a blackhole to appear in the darken sky and suck many pokemon in it and send them to our world. The thing is, they are turned evil like shadow pokemon. The people who started this was a Team called Team Aurora and they wanted the expeirment that would change shadows into good again but the experiment would need to inject Pokemon DNA into humans that match them.

I will write more of it when i make the thread i would like to know if anyone liked it. (( I did write all and more of this in my story.)) Thank you -bows-
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