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Default Re: Fire Away's Logging Ref


Cinnabar Island Gym Match
Sunny Weather
Helds allowed
Normal Terrain

The Jr Trainer (Electrode, Swampert, Kingdra) vs Loyal Arcanine (Camerupt, Infernape, Ninetales)

Electrode came in to set up Rain and eliminate Camerupt before it could do any serious damage. Kingdra and Infernape stood toe-to-toe. Infernape used Roar and in an extremely unfortunate turn of events, Swampert came out and put an end to the fire monkey's reign of terror. Leaving a sizable dent in Ninetales before evading the Hypnosises by switching, Kingdra came in. Luck was on Jr's side when Hypnosis missed Kingdra, allowing him to set up a Dragon Dance for the win.

Jr gets $2000, a Flame Badge and w/e TM Mike has
Mike gets $1000

I should get 1500 clamshells


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