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Default Re: Gallery of -Zodeon. | 更加後面畫廊

Originally Posted by -Zodeon View Post
Oh, look! It's your favorite time of the day! Critique time!
You're sticking with contrasting? At least you're pleased with your result this time. Looking at the typicals... rendering. It's from PlanetRenders which I've personally used and know that most stuff there is already rendered. Light source. The shading on the render seems to correspond with the lighting except with the dragon's belly which should be lighter due to the neon color used directly below it unless you consider it as slightly glowing crystals below and the light source being above the head. Focal. The dragon's head clearly stands out from the rest. My eye is instantly drawn there. It is the mainly sharpened part, too, thus making it stand out more. Flow. There is a decent amount of flow, mostly around the dragon's left (on our right) wing. The flow would better work if it were to give the illusion of the dragon bursting forward. Not much more I can say except keep up the good work. It's great to see you trying out different methods.

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