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Default Re: Gallery of -Zodeon. | 更加後面畫廊

Originally Posted by -Zodeon View Post
The contrast from the bright to dark is beautiful. It reminds me of the setting sun at the scene of a battlefield. The focal blends in to an amazing extent, so much so that I would believe that you just cropped a stock to make that tag. Cut it out, you're getting too good too fast! D:
Originally Posted by -Zodeon View Post


Original Stock:

Song was Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed, from the Album Ten Thousand Fists :).
I'm running out of critique! All I can really say about this one here is that I'm amazed how you were able to cut out that one person from that whole stock and still make it look like a render. The second version is better, just so you know, because a light source adds a whole new dimension to any tag. Again, great use of pale and shadowy colors. You're blending focals into sigs much better than before just by brushing over them. Isn't critique nice? It helps out so many people yet so little people give it... it's sad, really. Don't stop now, you're just getting to the good stuff!
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