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Default Re: Gallery of -Zodeon. | 更加後面畫廊

Tried something a little different, inspirted by Tombi's use of brigher colours. Not liking it if i'm honest, I'm gonna have another go at a bright tag though.

I tried to make something else using bright colours, which turned out to be an amazing peice if im honest, considering the original stock image was the cover of the song I was listening too haha. Inspiration from music FTW! Made 2 versions, one is alot brighter. I prefer the Darker one though. I supplied the original image too incase anyones interested in that.



Original Stock:

Song was Ten Thousand Fists by Disturbed, from the Album Ten Thousand Fists :).

@ Azumi, Gotta go now but I'll check out what you said and work on it tommorow, I'll also gladly make you a tag tommorow :P. Night for now!

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