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Default Re: Adams Reffing Book

Silver Slasher Vs Metalic Houndoom

Vermillion Gym
3 vs 3
Helds off
All Clauses
No Weather
No Terrain

Silver Slasher [Salemence, Heracross]
Metalic Houndoom [Porygon-Z, Jolteon and Electivire]

Salemence KO'd P-Z with a few Brick Breaks, then died to Jolteon who Par'd Heracross giving him the Guts to defeat everyone else
Link to the battle

Silver Slasher: $2000
Metalic Houndoom: $100
Me: $1500

Salary : $10,000

[URPG] [VPP] [Knights of the Round Table] [ASB]

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