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Default Re: What's Your D/P/P Team?

This is mine 100% League Proof ;)
-Dragonite (thinking about Salamence,My Fly and Defog Pokemon)
-Blastoise/Poliwrath (I switch them from time to time,My surf and waterfall Pokemon)
-Ninjask(My Cut,Flash Pokemon )
-Mamoswine (thinking if Rhyperior,Tyranitar or Rampardos are better,My Rock Climb,Strength Pokemon)
-Hitmonlee/Gengar/Lucario/Garchomp (My main damage Pokemon along with Infernape , I also switch them from time to time , don'tknow who is stronger ,My Rock Smash Pokemon)

Here is My Friend Code :0130 6220 4155

P.S. Tell me what do you think about those Pokemon I still can't decide on

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