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Default Adam's Reffing Book

HKim Vs Gastly Goo

2 vs 2
No Holds
All Clauses
No Weather
No Terrain

HKim [Umbreon and Tyranitar]
GastlyGoo [Abomasnow and Cloyster]

Ubreon and Abomasnow were sent first and Umbreon put Ambosnow to sleep with Yawn. Then Sub'd and passed it to Tyranitar. Abomasnow woke up, destoyed Tyrantitar's Sub but was KO'd but a Critical Hit Stone Edge, the Cloyster was Sent in and was finished off in a Stone Edge and Thunder Bolt. Guess I got to ref for the leader for my first battle :P

HKim: $1000
GastlyGoo : $500
Me: $1000

Salary : $1000

[URPG] [VPP] [Knights of the Round Table] [ASB]

“For ten years I chased Suicune, and I finally got to see it. I'm all choked up!”

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