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Default Re: Behind the Eyes of Cipher [PG-13] ~Chapter 3 Up~

Yes, that's it. Caiden mentions that he's not quite sure what his job is, but he's fine with it anyway, considering that as a subordinate he was just overexhausting himself almost every day. And now, as he's been recognized as one of the better battlers (and overall a good handler of Pokemon) in his sector, he's been assigned to help tame the Shadows and make them fight under Cipher's command. Although the shadow Pikachu has just recently - meaning, about a week ago - been transformed, the scientists think that it is still capable of being trained.

When I say "capable of being trained", I mean that shortly after creating a shadow Pokemon, it is virtually unapproachable. It is impossible to speak to it, command it, etc. So Cipher believes that this effect must go away after some period of time. Cipher's scientists say that they've waited long enough. But truthfully, they're not quite sure; Caiden is, essentially, the bait to see if the Shadow will respond to training.

*phew* Anyway, I'm writing Chapter Four now. Hopefully it will be up today, if not tomorrow. ^^

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