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Default Re: What stupid things did you do?

Originally Posted by PsygirlGTA54 View Post
OMG!! I did the same thing! Like an idiot(well, I couldn't read well yet) I never read the manual and I kept restarting over and over again because I did not know there was a save option! I always wondered how people got through the game in one sitting...
Now, I know there is one, just so you know.

Oh even more wrong, I never got the master ball in saphire! You had to get it in the team aqua base, I went through the base, but never picked up the master ball. Later, the base closed up so I could never get it! I wondered why I never had a master ball to catch kyogre(I killed it too..) or rayquaza(caught it with timer balls)I later learned that you got it there...
I didn't know what deposit meant, so I deposited my Bayleef and cried not knowing how to get it back.
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