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Default Re: What's Your D/P/P Team?

Well, lemme see if I can remember.

All my Pokemon are around lvs 58-61 iirc.

Estelle (Staraptor, Female)
Tweedy (Torterra, Male)
Roxanne (Houndoom, Female)
(No Nickname, Gardevoir, Female)
Envy (Vaporeon, Female)
Bibarel, Female (lv16. The most powerful member on my team![/sarcasm])

Yeah, I've gotten pretty darn far with this team, especially thanks to the lucky eggs. I think Envy has a pretty good SpDEF IV, so I may use her as a parent for an Umbreon or something.

Gardy, I used her Synchronize ability to soft reset a Modest Giratina, until I got so sick of doing it in the Reverse World and resorted to creaming its @$$ for EXP, counting on being able to safely encounter it in Turnback Cave post-Elite Four. (Yes, folks, you CAN do that, to prove and the official Tip Guide as not trying to trick you out of catching it...not like those two valuable sources would be wrong anyway... >.> )

So yeah, I like my team, but I'm working on breeding and EV-training some good-IV'ed kick@$$ Pokemon to get me around Northeast Sinnoh. Suggestions?
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