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Default Re: The Difference Between Faith and Knowledge

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
That's how powerful early "learning" of a religion can be. Kids are unable to tell fact from belief, and thus treat it as though it is fact. This gets carried through onto adulthood.

You're missing the point entirely. It's not the point of whether or not blue exists, but rather that it is impossible to ascertain that blue exists if one don't have the tools to see it. This is the same as religion in that context. If one has no faith in a particular religion, it would be impossible to convince that person because that person doesn't have the tools to gain faith in that religion.

This answer does not fundamentally answer Khajmer's question at all.

The first here is that if you can, then do so. To convince a skeptic, show them. Remember Doubting Thomas? One can't put faith on the existence of dragons, after all, because there really isn't a part of the world we haven't explored yet, outside the bed of the ocean (and even then we've gone through some points of the bed of the ocean already). A wardrobe existing requires our world to be linked through interdimensional portals to another world, which is quite a bit of a stretch as well. Never mind the fact that Narnia is fiction...

Your final statement backfires on you terribly, considering that you just opened yourself to the possibility that you are completely wrong in religion as well, because the universe isn't as it seems.
Yeah...I'll probabley just shut up now. I'm a terrible debater...

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