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Smile Re: What's Your D/P/P Team?

Even though I like the dual-Dark types, I needed a more diverse team. Most people have similar teams, I've noticed. I suppose great minds think alike. My team for Diamond, Pearl & Platinum are the evolved forms of, but start out as:

Incidently, I know Spiritomb does not evolve. I use indiginous Pokemon in all my games I have the same teams in all the games of a given series. (Fire Red & Leaf Green / Ruby, Sapphire, & Emerald / Diamond, Pearl, & Platinum.) I know I'm boring. I received my first Spiritomb in Pearl over the network in exchange for Leaf Green's Mewtwo (which was ported to Pearl via Pal Park.) I don't have enough friends to visit 32 times to unlock it in my games so I found someone who did. I now breed Spiritomb and give away the babies.

I'll post my friend code for Diamond, or Pearl, Platinum so you can get one too, if you want one. Incidently, I only deal in legitimate trades. If I hack Pokemon, I breed for the babies, raise the babies release the hack. Is that acceptable to you?
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