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Default Re: N. Korea and their Nuclear Program: Should we take military action?

Originally Posted by PainKiller View Post
No, I do know.

The nukes they tested were considerably weaker than the ones that we, Europe, for example possess. They do not have the ability to launch a nuclear weapon through air at the US.
They could have improved it since then. Besides, they were most probably testing out their weakest stuff first. Then again... we really don't know.

... Never mind.

Originally Posted by skiboydoggy View Post
Hippocrates was almost certainly not a hypocrite.

Anyway, no. There's really no point, especially since the UNSC has already decided against it and are instead quite happy with negotiations. Besides, do we really need Iraq Redux?
Agreed. The world doesn't need another war, much less a nuclear war.

Obama really has changed the USA's foreign relations for the better... O_o

Originally Posted by Dragon_Master View Post
But, from what I've heard is that they have several nuclear thing-a-ma-bobs already. They're just sitting there, waiting to be attached to a missile.
And, I've also heard that they've threatened to give these things to people who don't really need them, per se.
Is this true?
We don't know yet. And it's like almost impossible if not impossible to go and check. The North Koreans will kill you. Literally.
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