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Default Behind the Eyes of Cipher [PG-13] BACK and going strong! ~Chapter 9~

Thanks to iKawaii for the incredible banner - it gives the introduction some spice x3
My only note is to say that I hope you enjoy the story, and I love comments of any kind (excluding spam). Feel free to send me a PM or visitor message, or simply reply to this thread. Thanks a bunch ^-^

PG-13, Adventure/Mystery
This is the story of Caiden Hester, a highly skilled teenaged boy serving Cipher at the organization's prime time. Set in the region of Orre, the story of Caiden reveals all that happened within Cipher before and during the creation of shadow Pokemon (aka "Shadows"). The story also discloses some secrets and hidden mysteries about the workers of Cipher. Maybe... some of Cipher's members were not all that bad.
Along his journey, Caiden meets some interesting characters, as well as a new friend, Aurora. She is a character that will come up later in the story, and she has an entirely different background, which will, rest assured, be revealed in time.

Cipher: A renowned criminal organization that was created not too long ago by a family whose history is shrouded with uncertainty. It has grown larger, from its intial mafia-like state, to recruiting members that are not within family blood. The official administers and executives of Cipher have recently performed something thought impossible - they have genetically altered the DNA of one Pokemon, thus turning the creature into a "shadow Pokemon". It is uncertain what next Cipher plans to do with this newfound knowledge...

Shadow Pokemon: Pokemon that have been genetically altered to fight like tools - without any emotion or sympathy whatsoever. They are significantly stronger than any regular Pokemon. Shadows will even attack humans and destroy things if given command.

Orre: A region in the Pokemon world that is mostly urban. Few wild Pokemon can live here because of its poor environment.

Chapter Index
Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three
Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six
Chapter Seven
Chapter Eight
Chapter Nine


Banner by Arate || Behind the Eyes of Cipher
Look at its beauty! <--- Made by WWotS, fellow lover of Shadow Lugia. :o

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