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Default Re: Alabama Changes the Value of Pi

Originally Posted by Khajmer View Post
Pikabeng speaks the truth, pi is not used to find the diameter of a circle. Only circumfrence and area. Ergo, it doesn't matter.

And the point of numbers like pi and e that have no end is for precision. 3x5=15. pix5=18.85.
I think you meant 6π. And even then, it's 18.84955592... etc etc etc.

But yeah, precision is now getting more important nowadays.

EDIT: π is still used to find the diameter if you know only the circumference.

But still, there's still something wrong there.

Originally Posted by skiboydoggy View Post
-waits for 1/4/09 declaration-
That's the only way to explain the stupidity.

Oh wait, American fundamentalist lawmakers. It might just be true after all.
Lol. XD

Betcha it's false though.

Hmm... wait... This looks like a really old joke...
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