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Default Re: The Difference Between Faith and Knowledge

Originally Posted by Dragon_Master View Post
According to C.S. Lewis( And this is a little beside the poster's first question). most of the "Facts" we say are true is based on faith. For instance. I've never been to Europe, or Paris. But I still believe that it exists. Why? Because people tell me so. NOT because I saw it on TV alone. I mean, just about anything I see on TV could be staged. The news. Sports. Reality TV shows. The only reason I consider such things, like the existence of Europe or Paris is because I have faith in the people who tell me (Like the anchor men and women.)

Are you picking up what I'm putting down?
Eh. My definition of faith is different from yours. Faith to me is believing fully in something without complete proof that it really is, at least in religious context. The difference between faith in God and faith that Paris exists is that Paris is backed up by thousands of documents spanning hundreds of years, many personal accounts of Paris, and, well, I've been there, so I know it exists. With religious faith, however, you trust your inner judgment (or in some cases the fact that the majority of the world is religious) rather than verified documents and accounts and the like.

Of course, all the above is just IMO, and the argument really varies depending on what your exact definition of faith is.
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