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Default Re: The Difference Between Faith and Knowledge

Originally Posted by A Requiem of Verities View Post
I don't believe you have to go to church, but through regular prayer and belief (walking the walk, as I said), you will be saved.

Yes, but that could be interpreted in a number of ways. I mean, the word "he" could be referencing God, in which case you're right, or it could be referencing Jesus, in which case you're wrong, because it is a fact that Jesus of Nazareth was a living person who may or may not have been the son of God.

"You see that a person is justified by what he does and NOT BY FAITH ALONE."

In other words, whether I get accepted into Heaven should not be based on whether I believe in God but rather whether I am a good person or not? Because that's what that sounds like. Because I totally walk the walk, and therefore have no need to talk the talk, ergo I'm getting into heaven in all my non-religious glory.

And again, you're basing this all entirely on the belief that the Bible is true. I don't dispute your belief, I just want you to stop trying to get me to accept that belief as my own, as that implies that you're right and I'm wrong, which in turn implies that your belief is fact.
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