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Default Re: Crazy Evolutions you used to think were true. XD

Originally Posted by Neon_Espeon View Post
Oh cool the one I always used to think hasn't been posted yet. When does this ever happen? :U

Back when I first got Into Pokeymans, I always thought Cloyster evolved Into Ghastly for whatever reason. Very stupid, I know, especially seeing how I thought this for years. I blame the original Hasbro figure checklist thing, mostly. That, and my silly ridiculousness, If that even makes much sense.
Y'know? That's what I thought too. I got heaps of those Hasbro checklist things. (I loved the Battle Figures.) Since Cloyster was next to Gastly that's what I thought as well. It was also partly because the face in Cloyster's shell looks like a Gastly. xD

Actually, that Hasbro checklist also caused me to believe that Farfetch'd evolved ito Doduo.


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