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Default Re: The D/P/Pt AR code listings thread !PE2K D/P/Pt code listings thread NEEEDS YOU!

The codes I have gotten on Pokemon Platinum are GREAT! The Modifier calculater code, the new one hit KO move, the all item, medicine code has put my game playing in place, and I'm still training all my teams cleanly.

I went on a huge' March Madness' catching spree with my AR and trained my team normally, just inserted a few 'unusual Pokemon' roaming around Eternea Forest and the Mt. Coronet cave in Wailords, Jirachi, Gardevoir, Regigas, Darkrai, Dusknoir, and had so much fun getting EXP for my teams in the worse way. Course I think I drove poor Cheryl nuts spending 36 hours in Eterneat forest on my March Madness catching over 200 Pokemon I programmed in and threw over 250 Pokeballs. I always believe in a challenge, even if I use the old AR. Best part out of all that is no wasted walk in the field to catch anybody for my teams are all set now, with maybe one or two key players needed, but all that is a lot later.

I never use the one hit KO move in gyms, everybody battles cleanly. Best part of my huge EXP boosts was taking in Torchic and Chimchar in Gardenia's gym at level 10 and they left as level 19 Pokemon, even knocking out her CHerubi!

I hope Mira doesn't mind a few unusual occurances when I go rescue her. These modifier codes are great to have some serious EXP trainings for my teams! On all items/all medicine, I just hock unnecessary items for my money and buy large quanitities of Pokeballs.

Only code to complete my set is the Poffin code. I need that in the worse way to have all maxed out Poffins.

ALso, if you have trouble with codes, try this:

For the 62101140 codes:

Try B2101D40

And everything should work.

But please get the Poffin code, and move modifier in the worse way! Thanks.
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