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Default Re: The Difference Between Faith and Knowledge

Originally Posted by Khajmer View Post
I'm not saying he has to though, Wunsch, I'm saying that he should, because we are all his children. He doesn't have to listen to me, I'm not giving him the command to do something, I'm saying that he should. There's a difference. And we're saying, give us an example of him not loving everyone who doesn't follow him, not just one person.

Edit: Oh, and aside from that *smirks* how do you know the Bible conveys God's will? How do you know for a fact that the Bible speaks the true word of God, and not just stuff a bunch of people wrote down, believing it to be the words from God's proverbial mouth?
Actually...Nate, the New Testament's gospels are exactly that. They're kind of misnomers, they weren't raelly even written by Matthew and John and whoever else there is [/JEW]. They were written years and years after they died, the longest gap between death and publication being about 160 years. It's not really even known if it's true about everything in there.

Also, those are only like four gospels in the Bible. When whoever made the Bible took the gospels he took, it was very political. There were over 30 gospels, and he simply picked the ones liked to read best.

So, basically the writing of the Bible was like the writing of a fiction novel (I'm not saying it is a fiction novel, just in the context that the author writes what the reader wants to read)

EDIT: and the Old Testament was supposedly dictated by God to Moses or something like that.

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Lol @ Lonsie, pseudo-intellectuals are funny.

I'm not one to argue with prepubescents, so I'm done with this thread. Goodbye.
Good riddance >>
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