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Default LOTL's Stats

Originally Posted by lady of the lake View Post

trainer stuff

your name- sarah or lady of the lake
instant messenger names (msn, yim, and/or aol)- aol ~ ladyofthelake211
how much money you have $3000
your current position(s) trainer
any items you currently have- none
any badges you currently have- none


#236 tyrogue
nickname: Tyga
type: Fighting
gender: Male
evolve: 6 battles
ability: Guts: Attack raises 1.5x when suffering from a status condition. Or. Steadfast: Speed +1 when flinched.

tackle, helping hand, fake out, foresight




hp: 274
attack: 169
defense: 169
sp.attack: 169
sp.defense: 169
speed: 169

| w | l | d |
| 0 | 1 | 0 |
total = 0


Made by me

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