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Default Unpopular Pokemon

Name pokemon's whom are not popular, not seen much in the anime, not captured nor use much in games, and never have charm, cuteness to be popular...

for me, I think,

Dunsparce- never seen much of it in the anime and movies... and in games its weak and it has no evolution.

Spinda- id only seen it once during sinnoh, in games it might have a cool hypnosis attact but this pokemon looks lame to me...

Relicant- i dunno if this one is legendary or extinct. Just seen it once and cant find it in games..

Manectric- It looked awesome, but i dunno why it didnt shine in any matter! aswell as its pre evolution :(

Pinsir- never seen much of it in anime, in games so-so :(

Tropius- i dunno why, but i think it has only a few fanbase.

Lumineon- this one too.
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