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Default Re: The Difference Between Faith and Knowledge

In my opinion, though Faith and Knowledge can be used to mean different things....both can also be interconnected.

For instance, having faith doesn't mean you're very religious. Faith dervived from knowledge- Example:

The cardiac surgeon has faith in his ability to save the patient.

Knowledge derived from faith: Logic, trial and error. Relying on purely statistics, trial and error's more of faith or confidence, than knowledge.

There's a different kind of faith too, I'll agree. Some people like to call it faith, others call it blind faith- there must be some valid reason after all, for people to have faith in something. What actually is annoying is...middle-men using religion and faith of people as a way to increase their own power/influence. And their determination to stick to their morals/beliefs, and give the people in their religion a bad name. Who can help it after all, though while the middle men potray its the people following them, the people actually follow the God of that religion, but people assume (knowingly or unknowingly) that its the middle-guys to blame.
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