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Default Re: The Difference Between Faith and Knowledge

Originally Posted by Khajmer View Post
First point, I'm not talking about all religious people. I'm simply referring to those who fall under this category, and the question I pose is to them and them alone.

I have no issues with religion, but there is one thing that bugs me, above all else. The idea of knowledge over faith. I don't mean as in generally, either, I'm referring to a personal level, where an individual doesn't only believe in a religious faith, but is so utterly convinced that they act and talk as if they know for a fact that their religion is true. And, as a matter of fact, some do indeed claim that their religion is fact.

My response and question to all of those people is thus: How do you know? As an agnostic, I ask that question of people a lot, but always silently or without expecting an answer. Now I do. I'm asking everyone who is convinced that it is a fact that their religion is true, not just believing it but thinking they actually know, how do you know?

Third time, just to make sure I get the message completely across, I'm not talking to people who simply believe in religion, I'm speaking directly to those who act like they know it for a fact.
The reason why some people are totally convinced is that they had something drastic or they had some personal experience that made them convinced that it's true. Like they talked to God, had their prays answered, etc. you know stuff like that. That's my opinion.

Now what made me convinced that my religion is true? Well, I was raised in a religious family all my life, so I was constantly told that this religion was the right one. So it was there the whole time. But what made totally convinced was a dramatic event that happen in my life, and it just changed my total view on Christianity. You can say it was a smack to the face.

You can say that I "think" I know which I would agree, but once you have that experience, you would truly understand what we mean when we say "I think <insert belief here> is true".
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