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Default Re: Journey from the Valley Discussion

Forbidden Attacks from Scy's Path of Destiny fan fiction.

Definition: "Forbidden Attacks are unusual attacks that only one pokemon, legendary or not, can know at a time. These moves are insanely powerful, growing stronger the more they are used, but eventually driving the user insane. It is also rumored wounds inflicted by these moves will never heal. Legendaries sealed the moves away in stones, scattering them around the world. This was because if the pokemon knowing a Forbidden Attack is killed, the nearest pokemon capable of learning it will recieve it.

Additionally, if a pokemon is a dual type, it can only learn one Forbidden Attack, not two."

Also, here is a list of the moves.

Name in red=Official name in PoD
Effect in red=Official appearance of attack in PoD
Effect in pink=Artist rendition of attack in PoD

Shadowflare (Fire)- A jet of blue-white flames with streaks of purple mingled amidst the fire. Can follow whoever it is aimed at, delivers severe burns.

Deathfreeze (Ice)- Shoots out frozen water vapor (frost) along with shards of ice. Can freeze you solid.

Acidstorm (Water)- Green skulls, appearing as if on fire, rain down from the sky. Can burn away the skin.

Frenzyvine (Grass)- Thorny vines erupt from the ground, along with venus fly traps and other carnivorous plants. Can literally dismember you.

Fleshblight (Bug)- A swarm of flesh-eating beetles are unleashed upon the enemy. Very painful as skin and muscle is eaten from bone.

Necrothorn (Dark)- Dark spikes made of shadows erupt from the ground, filled with disease. If you survive impalement, you will soon find your skin rotting away.

Psybreak (Psychic)- Psychic energy is used to enter your mind, torturing you inside with very real pain. Although the least fatal of the Forbidden Attacks, it will most likely leave your mind broken.

Thunderdart (Electric)- Shards of electricity are launched at the foe, impacting and electrocuting them. Can cause heart failure, twitches, and even burns. Paralysis is also likely.

Ironflash (Steel)- Unleashes a very bright, searing beam full of metal shards that can cut you up, and even burn you. Blindness, temporary or permanent, is likely.

Fatalfury (Fighting)- A red aura surrounds the user, before blasting towards the enemy at incredible speed. Liable to break bones.

Dracocharge (Dragon)- Gathers a mystical aura, before launching several medium sized dragon-shaped energy projectiles. Strong force so bone breakage is possible, energy will be drained with each hit. Temporary paralysis is a threat.

Featherblade (Flying)- Fires tons of needle sharp feathers at the enemy. Deep wounds will be inflicted, with blood loss and infection the killer.

Soulbreeze (Ghost)- Fires a black beam, which cuts through the body and damages the soul. Leaves the enemy weak, and can later die if soul is not strong enough to resist death and collapses.

Rockquake (Rock)- Stomps on the ground, letting large stones and gems burst forth from the ground to cut up anyone above. Wounds inflicted will slowly turn to stone.

Sandtwister (Ground)- Whips up a vicious tornado of sand and small rocks, which pelts the enemy with such ferocity fur, skin, feathers, and scales will be rubbed off, leaving exposed flesh. Very painful, and death is likely due to blood loss, dehydration, severe sun burning, and infection.

Toxicfroth (Poison)- Spits a large volume of purple, foul smelling bubbles that will burn the skin upon contact like acid. Burns are highly likely, and infection/poisoning due to the toxins in the attack.

Needlespine (Normal)- Fur bristles, before unleashing a flurry of needles that pierce the skin, puncturing vital organs. Massive internal bleeding and paralysis from damaged nerves/spinal cord is very likely.

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