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Default Journey from the Valley Discussion and SU

Discuss ideas for the roleplay here! Me and Grassy have one idea but I'll post more about it after she does.

Here are the rules/sign up information:

Journey from the Valley

I know there is a lot to read, but please read it carefully. The plot is important (as are my character’s descriptions, which have to do with the plot-especially Firestorm’s.)


Wild pokémon have lived peacefully in a large area consisting of forest, plains, rivers, and lakes. All types of pokémon live here, but in spite of there being various types, there is not a large number of these pokémon living here. Why? It lies in a hidden valley, where for some strange reason, only the pokémon born there know about it. These pokémon haven’t seen the world outside the valley. No outsider has ever stumbled upon it-until now.

It started when a lone growlithe stumbled upon it by pure luck, and that growlithe was soon driven out by one of the valley pokémon. The growlithe, a young pokémon named Firestorm, wanted revenge, and had seen what a marvelous place that valley was, and so he later evolved, and recruited other pokémon-tough pokémon used to living in harsh places, and told them of the amazing valley he’d been to and seen, and soon left to travel to the valley and take it over, to claim it for themselves...

Firestorm and his army have now taken over the valley, and driven out the peaceful valley pokémon, after killing and injuring many. Now the valley pokémon find themselves out of the safety of their home, in lands they have never seen before. Their only hope is to find a new home, and one day come up with a way to stop Firestorm’s army and reclaim their territory.

*yes I know there’s a lot of rules, but please read them-I’m not really all that strict but I want to make sure this will be a fun and exciting roleplay and there has to be rules unfortunately^^*


1. There will be some fighting in this roleplay, but please don’t have so much that it interrupts the plot or lasts far too long. The main objective of the characters at the moment will be making it through the journey and the dangers they will face along the way.

2. Don’t have your character go back to fight Firestorm’s army. There are too few of the valley pokémon in the group and some of them will be weak from the battle they lost. If they try to go back now, they’re dead. D=

3. Don’t make your character invincible. They can get hurt, tired, etc. and it WILL affect them to some degree. It is also possible for your character to loose a battle. Keep it realistic.

4. Write in third person, like in a story^^

5. No villainbots. “Villainbot” is my term for a villain, antagonist, or random wild pokémon attacking them that has no explained motives, personality, emotions (other than anger/fear) or reason for what they do-basically nothing but a robot “programmed” into being nothing else but ebil!!1!!!! Every villain or even random pokémon will have a reason for what they do. Territorial pokémon are not evil and will not go out of their way to kill or seriously injure someone who invaded their territory unless they had a good reason to. (Being territorial by itself is not a good reason.) If they are bad pokémon who do want to go out of the way to kill those who invade their territory, they have issues-and it’s not being territorial. So whatever their problem is it must be explained. In short, just give enemies a good, clear, makes-sense reason for what they do and it’ll be fine.

6. Please no godmoding, controlling other characters, etc. Also, interact! Don’t make all your characters loners who don’t want anything to do with the others-it’ll be hard for someone else to include one of your characters in a post if you do.

7. Please use good spelling, grammar, and punctuation, and try to make your posts long and detailed. Writer’s block is understandable but don’t make extremely short posts. Just try your best!

8. No instant solutions! It’s a good way to ruin the excitement in a roleplay and make things boring. There will be a lot of problems for the characters to face, and unfortunately for them, a berry won’t cure a wound in two seconds and food and water can’t be found easily in the wasteland the characters have now found themselves in after being driven from their home. Surviving won’t be impossible of course, but for many it will be hard.

You can have a (sort of) maximum of three characters, but if you feel like you can handle four, go ahead! I’m not that strict about this rule and might even add a new character at some point in the roleplay-you never know. =P

10. Please don’t have any legendary characters in this roleplay-it doesn’t make much sense for the plot. Sorry about this^^

11. Your character can be any non-legendary pokémon. I do not care if you want to be an eevee and someone else already is one. WHO CARES? Be an eevee anyway! There can be more than one of the same pokémon.

12. If you get uptight about “overused pokémon”, you are completely missing the point of what a good character is supposed to be. Also, no one cares if it annoys you.

13. Please keep it PG-13 and have fun!

*now for the character forms-one of my characters is the arcanine who took over the valley, but understandably he won’t appear in the roleplay for a long time. If you want a character in Firestorm’s army, be aware that they probably won’t be in the roleplay for a while*

Character Form:
(Please be detailed-a few sentences for personality and appearance-doesn’t have to be as long as mine though-a lot of mine relates to the plot and…I write a lot xD)




History: (This can be brief, but remember the valley pokémon have never been outside the valley.)



My Characters:

Name: Firestorm

Species: Arcanine

Gender: Male

History: Firestorm was born in the harsh, barren lands near the Valley, though neither he nor any other pokémon there knew of the Valley’s existence. He and the other growlithes were in a constant war with other pokémon species over the very limited food and water. Firestorm, then a growlithe, began to wonder if there was a place where his pack would be safe, a place with food and water that they could somehow control, so the other species would have to depend upon his pack, and thus there would be less risk of attack.

Though he was not sure how he would find or gain control of such a place, Growlithe heard rumors of lands nearby plentiful in food, and set off in search of such of a place, though he nearly starved during the journey. Then, as fate would have it, he found a cave at the base of some large mountains. He wandered through it aimlessly, and just when he was about to give up and head back, he came upon the exit, leading into the Valley. Finding it to be full of food, he ate many of the berries but stayed hidden after scenting many pokémon, not wanting to get attacked.
He soon began to wonder, being young and naive, if these pokémon could be his future followers, allowing his pack to control the Valley resources and stopping the other pokémon groups from attacking the growlithe pack. However, upon entering the Valley Firestorm made a very foolish decision, and was afterwards confronted by a scyther. He tried to attack the scyther, but although he was strong, the scyther was stronger, and managed to drive him away.

Hate and anger consumed the growlithe as he journeyed back to his old home, making sure he remembered where the Valley lay. He hated them all for having such easy lives, while he and his pack suffered. That scyther had ruined any plans he could have thought of to rally the Valley pokémon to his side, and he swore from that day on that he would not attempt to recruit the Valley pokémon, but he would find other means to claim the Valley for himself and the others in the wilderness.

And from that moment on, his good intentions took a very wrong turn.

Firestorm’s hatred for the Valley pokémon led him on a quest for power; he told all the wilderness pokémon who would listen about the place he had seen, and after training hard and finding a fire stone, became too powerful for any one pokémon to challenge. Through both strength and power as well as the promise of a land plentiful in food, he began to gain more and more followers from the harsh and barren lands, and soon others had no choice but to join Firestorm and his followers or be killed.

When Firestorm felt the time was right, he led an invasion of the Valley, his army easily overpowering the Valley pokémon and killing or driving away any in their path. During the army’s attack, the very same scyther that had driven Firestorm out as a growlithe met him in battle, and though the struggle was very brief, the scyther managed to get away.

Now Firestorm rules in the valley with his army only, keeping any outsiders out, though his army allows other wilderness pokémon to enter only if they agree to be a part of the army. Valley pokémon who try to return are killed without question, regardless of their intentions.

Personality: No longer the loyal growlithe he once was, Firestorm became sadistic and cruel, brutally thrashing those that oppose him, and showing no mercy to his enemies. He is the powerful leader of a vast army of tough, hardy pokémon, pokémon who are used to living in much harsher environments than the Valley pokémon. Firestorm now claims the valley as his own, his army waiting to destroy any who oppose them. He still has a deep hatred for the Valley pokémon. Firestorm is usually calm and calculating, relying on craftiness and cunning in battle as well as his strength. Though he has deep hatred and anger against many of his enemies, he is usually good at controlling his anger, and not letting it take control of his actions. Very intelligent and clever as well as strong, ruthless, and skilled in battle, Arcanine is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Appearance: Bigger than an average arcanine, Firestorm is powerful and skilled in battle, which is quite obvious from his appearance. He is strong and tough, having lived and survived in harsh environments for so long. His claws and teeth are abnormally long, and are quite useful in battle as are his powerful fire attacks. Beneath his thick black and orange pelt, there are faintly-visible scars that look as if they were made by powerful claws…or scythes.

Name: Bladestrike

Species: Scyther

Gender: Male

History: Bladestrike was born in the valley, and lived there his entire life until Firestorm’s army attacked. Before the attack, Bladestrike had found the young growlithe straying into the valley, and witnessed something that made him drive Firestorm away from the valley furiously. Nightfang the mightyena witnessed him driving the pokémon out but he did not want to tell her why, and she left him alone.

Later, when Firestorm attacked the Valley pokémon, Bladestrike tried to defend another Valley pokémon and fought with Firestorm, but was quickly overpowered. He managed to escape with his life, sustaining only a burn on his leg and injuries to his wings. He realized that the arcanine recognized him as the one who drove him away from the peaceful land in the first place, and abandoned all attempts to fight, instead just focusing on getting out of the valley alive. While trying to flee, he encountered a rock pokémon whose powerful rock type attack struck him on the head knocked him out. Thinking the scyther was dead, the enemy pokémon did not try to attack him again.

When Bladestrike woke up, he found it hard to remember much of what happened before, but he knew he had been attacked, was in danger, and needed to get out. He managed to escape through a cave in one of the mountains surrounding the valley and found Nightfang who explained everything to him. Though he vaguely remembered her, as well as others from the valley, he had great difficulty remembering much else. Nightfang had heard Firestorm speaking to the valley pokémon about being driven out, though she was the only one who knew that it was Bladestrike who had done it. When she questioned him about it, he could not remember why.

Personality: Bladestrike is very kind and caring towards his friends, always trying to stand up for them or defend them when he can. Slow to anger, he tries to avoid fights if possible, and is always trying to help others in need. Though after loosing most of his memory, Bladestrike is often worried or confused, and is constantly (and unsuccessfully) trying to regain the memories he lost, and has so far only been able to recall small bits of memory of various experiences in his life including Firestorm’s attack, though he can make little sense of them without someone explaining to him. Despite this, he realizes (thanks to the others explaining) that the other pokémon who escaped the army are his friends, and that for some reason or other the outsider pokémon have taken over their home and they need to work together to find a new home where they can stay until they find a way to reclaim their valley.

Before losing his memories Bladestrike was very brave, often going up against more powerful pokémon, even some with type advantages. However he is anything but brave now. He is now very timid and won’t stand up to anyone in the group, preferring to stay out of the way of those who show hostility (or even just frustration or anger in general) instead.

Appearance: Bladestrike looks like an average scyther, with nothing really unusual about his appearance. However during the battle his wings have been badly torn, so he is unable to fly. He has the wound in his head and a burn on his leg from his brief fight with Firestorm, but was lucky to come out of the fight without any other injuries.

Name: Nightfang

Species: Mightyena

Gender: Female

History: Nightfang was born and lived in the valley up until Firestorm’s attack, and was the only one to witness Bladestrike driving out a lone growlithe long before the attack, though she didn’t know why. When the attack on the valley started, Nightfang had been in her cave and by the time she reached the battle, the valley pokémon were already being overwhelmed. After a brief struggle with an enemy zangoose, she managed to flee with her life and meet up with other escapers.

Personality: Nightfang is a very tough pokémon, and for the most part, a strong leader. However, she has a quick temper and little patience. Despite this, she is very caring towards her friends and those she respects. Though she easily gets frustrated or angry, she does care about the rest of the group as a whole. She is very determined on finding help and getting their home back from Firestorm one day. Despite the injuries she received from the battle, she is a brave and fierce fighter, and will aid the others in battle with enemy pokémon whenever needed. She is still very shocked over the attack and realizes that Bladestrike’s actions most likely sparked Firestorm’s rage in the beginning but without being able to know why he did it due to his loss of memory, she is not sure whether it was or wasn’t his fault.

Appearance: Nightfang is tall for a mightyena, though she sustained some injuries from the battle with Firestorm’s army. One of her legs is covered in claw marks from the zangoose she fought before having to flee, and there are deep claw marks across her chest. The injuries are not too severe and don’t stop her from traveling, but it’s the possibility of infection that worries her.

Other characters:

Rockpaw and Sideswipe

Gladewing, Embyr and Snowsong

The Hope of Dawn


Poppy, Chip, and Torin


Aggranium, Brokenstar, and Re'zula


Yuri, Isla, and Flash

Lana and Screwball


Elise and Malachi

Eclipse and Blitz

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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