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Default Take a stand!

This is for all the people that LOVED gold and silver, those that want a game like that again, for those that think D/P/Pt went WAY too far.
If you are one of those people than keep reading.
I need YOU. yes you. You see, my freind and I are making a game on RPG maker. Well now your probably thinking "I cant sprite or anything I cant help this is pointless"
you might have talent, you might not. Ether way I still need YOU. Let your Ideas be heard. If you have map or spriting or tiling talent,
GREAT we could use it. If not, you probably have MANY ideas.
Even if theyre random, Put them over to me I could still use them
my starters are a grass lemur, a fire/poison snake, and water dog. Have a better Idea? Tell me it could work.
We will ditch or replace some bad ideas like Arceus and likyliky.
Some we will keep but edit like Magmortar and Regigigas.
Some will remain as is like Darkrai and Electivire.
With your help we could end up with a game like Gold and Silver...
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