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Default Re: The Metal Legion v2.0

Originally Posted by Tombi View Post

... and this is when the four word rule sucks. > ___>

Anywho. I found out that my history teacher knows The Rotted and also sees Cradle of Filth in the same pub she goes to each weekend. One of her friends, a rabid fan, went over to ask for an autograph and they told her to @#!? off and proceeded to laugh at her.

My history teacher ignores them. xD

She didn't think I'd know who The Rotted are. But then I started singing "Nothin' But a Nosebleed" and she was surprised. I got their autograph. :3
That's pretty cool. None of my teachers like Metal, but I think it'd be nice to have one since they'd be older. Learn some stuff about older metal, stuff that you can't just read about or listen too off a CD.
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