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Default Re: The Metal Legion v2.0

Originally Posted by Synester View Post
I get that, and I'm not trying to get her in, but the fact that she does like metal, likes most of the bands that everyone else posted, the fact that you bought up she likes Paramore so no, bothers me. I'm pretty sure alot of Metal fans or Metal freaks like more then one genre.
I like something from almost every genre of music including Country, Pop, and Rap. I'm also admittedly diverse in my tastes, and have been listening to Metal for years, so I have ample experience with all things Metal; I know my sh*t. Alana needs to dive deeper into Metal. One month is barely enough time to fully memorize one Metal song, let alone enough songs and bands to hold up decent Metal conversation in a club that is focused on the purest Metal out there.

And please Synester, sign up if you want to post further here, and only post further here should PainKiller accept you. It's his club and he hates Metalcore and the like more than fat kids hate treadmills, so he's keeping it strict and as a loyal member, I am following suit. Please don't post again unless it contains a Sign-Up sheet.
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