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Default Re: The Metal Legion v2.0

Gaahl and King Ov Hell lose court case regarding the name 'Gorgoroth' to Infernus:

Originally Posted by
BLABBERMOUTH.NET has received the folowing statement from bassist King ov Hell (real name: Tom Cato Visnes) and vocalist Gaahl (real name: Kristian Espedal) regarding the latest developments in their legal dispute with guitarist Infernus over the rights to the GORGOROTH band name:

"Regarding the recent court case over the use of the name GORGOROTH, Gaahl and King confirm that parts of the verdict have been decided and went in favor of Infernus. This is only a partial verdict on the case. Because of the complexity of this case, there will be further court hearings and the final verdict will be announced within a few weeks.

"The judge came to the conclusion that it is impossible to kick out an original member even if he doesn't contribute musically or lyrically. The judge also states that one can't kick an original member out of a band even if that member performs actions which are viewed as disrespectful towards promoters, session members and other working partners.

"Gaahl and King wish Infernus the best of luck using the banner of GORGOROTH on his art.

"Gaahl and King will still present the art they are known for creating in GORGOROTH albeit under another banner. The new name will be announced shortly."

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