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Default Re: READ FIRST: EVs, Regis, Feebas, Secret Islands, FAQs

Obtaining extra Evolution Stones

Most commonly, you will obtain evolution stones by collecting Shards and trading them at a house off the coast of Mossdeep. But, there are only a few of each. So what happens if you use up all your evolution stones, but have more Pokemon you want to use them on?

The following Pokemon rarely hold evolution stones/shards in the wild.

Corsola: Red Shard
Chinchou: Yellow Shard
Relicanth: Green Shard
Clamperl: Blue Shard
Lunatone: Moon Stone
Solrock: Sun Stone

So, technically, there is an unlimited number of evolution stones... But, they're hard to find once you've used up all the shards that can be found Diving.

Where are the Moonstones?

Ygseto: There's only one Moonstone in the Ruby Version. For more you have to import some from a Saphire Version.

Rocket Launches & Deoxys/Jirachi

Bashaamo: The Launches are nothing more than a week counter, they count how many weeks you've been playing for, in no way are they connected to the pokemon 201, and 202.