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Originally Posted by The Unreal Shadow Tracker View Post
so this is on topic and not personal at all huh ? strange i dont see one thing in that whole thing about the death penalty instead i see a bunch of spam.

As far as the topic goes, It has to be the same for everyone, or it defeats the purpose
UST, please try not to be hypocritical. Following what you say, what you just posted here too is personal and off topic and a bunch of spam.

Anyway, back on topic, 130 people wrongfully convicted people were sentenced to death and were lucky to be exonerated and released, eventually. DNA, available in less than 10% of all homicides, canít guarantee we wonít execute innocent people. If someone is convicted and later found innocent you can release him from prison, but not from the grave.

Also, the death penalty doesn't prevent others from committing murder. No reliable study shows the death penalty deters others. Homicide rates are higher in states and regions that have it than in those that donít.

Furthermore,life without parole, on the books in 48 states, also prevents reoffending. It means what it says, and spending 23 of 24 hours a day locked in a tiny cell is not a picnic. Life without parole costs less than the death penalty.

Moreover, the death penalty isn't reserved for the worst crimes, but for defendants with the worst lawyers. It doesn't apply to people with money. When is the last time a wealthy person was on death row, let alone executed?

In addition, the death penalty is much more expensive than life in prison, mostly because of the upfront costs of legal process which is supposed to prevent executions of innocent people.

Finally, there are problems with speeding up the process. Over 50 of the innocent people released from death row had already served over a decade. Speed up the process and we will execute innocent people.
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