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Default Re: Death Penalty

Originally Posted by iKawaii View Post

Not really, unless it's something servere or a mental state. Also, taking medicion should be their responsibility or a carers. If they are cared for by someone and medication is down to the person looking after them, I completely agree with your statement, it would be harsh.
However, if its down to the individual to take their mediciation I think it's very much the same as someone who is as healthy as a horse. (Sorry, I needed to use that expression. xD)

That sounds so cute, it had to be said. x3
Lolz thanks.

Oh and medical negligence actually means...negligence by the physicians part that results in death of a patient. It can be intentional. It could've been an accident.

@ Vincent and Tracker: Firstly, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious to both of you too. :l

Secondly, murder/the cause of it's the reason behind the punishment, isn't it? The reasons/circumstances behind the cause of the crime, and why it deserves the death penalty is what we're arguing about, isn't it? In such a plausible scenario, how am I going off the topic? -.-
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