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Question READ FIRST: R/S FAQs: EVs, Regis, Secret Islands, Feebas, What's New

Note: Most if not all of this guide has been written by Mushi.

To search this page, press CTRL + F on your keyboard, then type in what you're looking for.

Do not Post in this thread unless you have a very important question.

This thread is for frequently asked questions that people are constantly posting here. It's an attempt to give people the answers they're looking for without having them starting new threads on it.

I'll start off by answering some miscellaneous FAQ's.

1. Where's Feebas? How do I evolve Feebas into Milotic?

Feebas is located on Route 119, but can only be found by fishing in 1 to 6 tiles on the entire route. So, the only way to find it without cheating is to fish in every tile of water on the map. Once you find a tile with Feebas, you can continue to find Feebas there and catch as many as you like.
Feebas evolves to Milotic by maxing out its Beauty statistic. You can do so by feeding it berries that raise Beauty, such as Hondew berries.

As for the Feebas tiles and the trendy phrase, here's what CrimsonSpider said to answer someone's question:

"The trendy phrase in dewford coincides with the location of feebas. Each game has a feebas seed. This helps to find where feebas live. If you change the phrase, the location of feebas tiles change.

Do you have to change it?

2. How do I get to Mirage Island? What's there?

Mirage Island appears at random. Every day, a number between 1 and 65536 is chosen, and if this number matches one of your Pokemon, then Mirage Island will appear on Route 130. The previous theory about gender modifiers was proven false.
So, if you really want to go there, visit the old man in Pacifidlog and bring all of your Pokemon to him EVERY DAY. If you're lucky, he'll say he can see the island.
Mirage Island is filled with Wynauts, and it's the only place where you'll find the rare Liechi Berry.

3. What's the Southern Island? How do I get there? What's there?

The Southern Island is a place you can only get to if you have the Eon Ticket. The Eon Ticket is only available through a Nintendo Promotion or other Nintendo-sponsored event. So unless you go to New York City to visit the Pokemon Center, the only other way to get there is by using Gameshark or another cheating device.
Currently, the only thing found on Southern Island is Latios or Latios holding the Soul Dew. If you're playing Sapphire, it'll be Latios, if Ruby, then it'll be Latias.

Kan Yozakura: You can also recieve the Eon Ticket by mixing records with someone who already has it.

4. What are EVs (Effort Values)? What does this have to do with Rare Candies?

Effort Values are hidden points that your Pokemon gains after each battle. Each Pokemon in the game will give you 1 to 3 EV points for beating it. You can find a list of this at
Each Pokemon can gain a maximum of 510 EV points. Once you reach the maximum, your Pokemon will recieve an Effort Ribbon from the lady in Slateport, next to the Energy Guru. You can gain a maximum of 255 points in one stat. At Lv: 100, these EVs can make a difference of up to 63 stat points in a single state (i.e. Attack or HP).

Kan: Actually, the cap for each individual stat is 252, which leaves you with 6 extra EVs to distribute to a different stat if you max 2 stats. (I've tested this many's true.)
Wearing the Macho Brace will double EV gains, while cutting your Pokemon's Speed in half during battle. The Speed cut is only temporary, and your Pokemon's Speed is not permanently effected by it.

PokeRUS, a completely random event, is a virus that your Pokemon can catch from a wild Pokemon, completely at random. Once infected, your Pokemon will spread it to other Pokemon you put it in contact with in your team, and it can be saved by storing a PokeRUS infected Pokemon in your PC. PokeRUS doubles EV gains. When used with the Macho Brace, EV gains are quadrupled. PokeRUS will wear off in 2 to 3 days.

Rare Candies are not harmful after your Pokemon has maxed out their EVs (obtained the Effort Ribbon). Rare Candies raise your Pokemon's level by 1, but provide no EVs. The reason why Pokemon leveled up to Lv:100 by Rare Candies are weaker is because they didn't gain all their EVs. Once a Pokemon gets the Effort Ribbon, Rare Candies are safe to use.

All Pokemon that participate in battle will recieve the same number of EVs, including those holding Exp. Share. Only Pokemon holding the Macho Brace will recieve double EVs. Therefore, Pokemon holding Exp. Share or not holding Macho Brace will recieve the normal amount of EVs.

Kan: Vitamins & EVs

The 6 different vitamins (HP Up, Protien, Iron, Carbos, Calcium, Zinc) each raise one of your Pokemon's EVs by 10 points in its respective stat. The cap for vitamin EVs on each stat is 100, aka you can only use 10 vitamins on each stat. This is very helpful in maxing the EVs of certain stats, as it cuts your battle time in half.

For some reason, you can use 10 of each vitamin on a Pokemon with 0 EVs and max its EVs with 600 (100 per stat)...I'm not quite sure why this is true, but it works.

Kenny: I've tested this theory on a Kyogre that I just caught (for argument's sake), and it does not seem to follow this rule, as it caps at 510EVs (i.e. only a single HP up was used before it cannot take any more). Seems the trick doesn't work in at least certain situations.

5. How do I catch the Regis?

First, go to Pacifidlog. Bring Relicanth and Wailord with you. Surf west into the fast currents. It'll take a few times before you find it, but along the bottom of the route there's a small patch of dark water you can Dive into. Dive there, and you'll be in an underwater cave. You'll find a Braille inscription at the back. Surface directly in front of the inscription.
Now you should be in another cave. You'll find Braille messages all around, which when translated will tell you to Dig in front of the Braille message in the back.

After that, you'll find a circle of Braille messages. These tell you the story of the Regis. Translate them if you like (Braille resources can be found all over the internet). At the back of the room is another inscription that says "First comes Relicanth Last comes Wailord." If Relicanth is in the front of your team, and Wailord is the last in your team, then there will be an earthquake, and the Regi Tombs will now be unlocked.

The Regi Tombs are the three rock formations you spotted in the game. Surf North of Dewford to find Regice's tomb. Read the Braille inscription, but don't close the message. If you wait long enough with the Braille message on-screen, a door will open. Go catch Regice.

To find Registeel, go to Lilycove and travel West. You'll find his tomb on a hilltop. Read the Braille again. It explains how to open the door. Walk to the middle of the room, and use Fly.

Regirock's tomb is in the southern portion of the desert. Read the Braille. It tells you to move 2 steps right, 2 steps down, then use Strength. The door opens.

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