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Exclamation Re: What is your Fire Red/Leaf Green team?

Currently my FireRed team is:
hold item:Charchol or Lum Berry
-Blast Burn
-Sunny Day Currently lv:56

hold item:Amulet Coin
-Thunder Bolt
-Thunder Currently lv:55
-Thunder Wave
note:I evolved Pikachu at lv 41 after it learnt Thunder.

hold item:Rawst Berry
-Earthquake Currently lv:56

hold item:Quick Claw or Sea Incense
-Hydro Pump Currently lv:56
-Rain Dance
note:I used ppups on the 5/5 moves.

hold item:Pecha Berry or Nevermeltice
-Ice beam
-Mind Reader
-Agility/Blizzard Currently lv:55

hold item:Lax Incense or Dragon Scale
-Dragon Claw/Outrage
-Wing Attack/Fly Currently lv:56
-Thunder Wave/Thunder/Thunder Bolt(Your Choice)

I mainly use this team but sometimes i sub Arbok for Nidoking.

hold item:Quick Claw or Lum Berry
-Thrash(evolve with moon stone at lv 23 to get this)
-Surf (
-Thunder(any good move might sub.

Thats my Fire Red team
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