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Default Re: Forum Guide

Post #5: vB Code

Inserting Image
You can click on this button: when you want to post an image. You can do it two ways, by entering the URL of the image first, then highlighting the URL and then click on the image button. Or, you can click on the image button first, then type in the URL, then click it again to end the code. You can also type the image code yourself, it should look like this:
Inserting URLs (Hyperlinking)
If you type in a URL, it will automatically turn into a clickable link. If you want certain text to be a URL, then you click on the URL button: . That will ask you for the text of your URL, and the URL itself (if you don't enter text, it will just show the URL). And then the code will automatically be entered into your post.

There are many vB codes, and you see all of them and how to use them here:

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