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Default Re: Book Reffing Jr's


Elite Trainer Haze versus Challenger Loyal Arcanine

6 Pokemon versus 6 Pokemon
Revolution stadium rules
No regular items allowed
Held items attached
Normal Terrain
Normal Weather
Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
OHKO Clause

Loyal Arcanine with: Tyranitar, Infernape, Kingdra, Starmie, Weavile, Electrode
Haze with: Gengar, Alakazam, Infernape, Starmie, Dragonite, Infernape

The details are ...

Tyranitar and Gengar were sent out at first. Gengar tried to burn the dino with a Will-o-Wisp, however, the berry Tyranitar held cured that problem quickly. After being healed by the Lum Berry, Tyranitar went on to do a Dragon Dance and then quickly outspeed and Crunch Gengar into oblivion. Soon enough though, it was tricked into carrying a Choice Specs when Alakazam was switched in. But Alakazam met the same fate as Gengar, but put an end to the dangerous monster. Starmie and Infernape them began to duke it out, however, Starmie was hit by a Rock Tomb after its Hydro Pump failed to make direct contact with Infernape. Starmie high-tails it out of there and is replaced with another watery beast in the name of Kingdra. However it was just slapped in the face with a Grass Knot. After this, Kingdra got out of there only to be replaced with another Infernape. Then, the other Infernape switched out to a Starmie; however, another switch was initiated! Kingdra came back in, only to be hit by a Psychic, fainting it. Electrode came swooping in, which forced the scared Starmie to run away and let a beast come out of hiding: Tyranitar; only to be paralyzed by Thunderbolt, but it also held a Lum Berry. Electrode then paralyzed Tyranitar with a Thunder Wave, then the giant beast decided to take a nice sleep and rest off all of its damage. After it slept, it was smacked by a Mach Punch from an ape who came in while it slept away its harm. Another punch to the face ended Tyranitar's rampage, pushing this battle to its ends. Infernape was able to survive enough to Encore a Dragon Dance from Dragonite, forcing it to switch as Starmie came in. Starmie Thunderbolted as the other Starmie came in, then it got confused, but managed to snap and Thunderbolt to knock out its opposer. Dragonite came back in, only to be paralyzed. Then Dragonite got to sleep, while Weavile switched in. Then a nice cold punch put the frilly dragon to sleep for good. Infernape was forced into battle then, only to be hit by a Surf coming from Starmie.

Loyal Arcanine wins and gets $4000 and defeats an Elite Trainer!
Haze loses and gets $3000.

I should get $4000 for reffing.
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