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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon

Alright guys. I guess I can post the other half of the chapter now! ^^
Sorry for the double post, but I thought it would be better to post it in a new post.

I shrieked, wondering how in the world he could still be standing. Maybe he was holding a reviver seed, or he did actually have energy left, and he ate a berry he was holding or something to boost what remained of it.

“Dusty! Quick, get to your feet as fast as you can!” called a familiar voice, this time. My eyes darted across the area for a face. I laid eyes on Master.

Frantically, I sprung backwards about a metre, obeying my commands and making sure I wasn’t easily within the golem’s reach. I would have expected him to come after me, but when he didn’t, I frowned slightly. I met his eyes. He did not seem to have any intention of coming after me...which was strange—considering before he was supposedly full of determination to attack.

I thought too soon. With a notable rumble, a strong leg came down upon the ground, alerting me that the golem’s eyes now held the urge to defeat me. I scowled, trying to figure this all out. There was something about that golem that made me glower. He looked so sinister... And already, his eyes had changed, now to look so eager to win the match. ...Although, for something more than a victory, it appeared. Pleasure, maybe? I had no idea. But I did know that I had to take him down. Right down. And right now. There was no time to wait.

“Give it a taste of poison! Use toxic!” Master instructed.

‘Toxic? That’s a bad idea. It’ll barely affect him!’ I thought with a bit of confusion. ‘Ahh, well. If that’s what Master wants, then that’s what Master gets!’

A bubbly sensation exploded somewhere in my body, and I felt my throat begin to burn softly with the taste of acidic fluid. Usually this wouldn’t happen, because I was used to using Fire type attacks so often. Although this time, it was a Poison type attack. In a blurted mess, the purple poison erupted from my mouth, spewing all over my opponent. Personally, I didn’t at all fancy using toxic, but it was one of the TMs that Master wished for me to learn. With the TM’s power and enough practice, I was able to learn a Poison type attack without accompanying more weaknesses.

The golem shielded himself as the attack slopped onto his rocky shell by turning his head in the opposite direction and holding up one of his arms. Following the toxic attack, Master instructed me to use bite, a Dark type attack.

I frowned. This would be difficult. Aiming for his arms, either of his legs or his head would be the only way of not breaking my fangs. In this case, a bite attack was a risk. I didn’t want to go to the pokémon vet. I hated it there. They would insert painful needles into a pokémon’s skin, injecting them with liquids that were apparently helpful. They would grope you and kept you still while they searched your ears for parasites. I couldn’t fathom how a human would want to do that to a pokémon.

My foe simply shook off the sludge and stared at me for a moment, catching my gaze and holding it in place. I released my frown and clenched teeth, and noticed something. Had the golem wiped off his anger along with the poison? At this, I was utterly confused as I stared hopelessly into his eyes. The crimson colour in them seemed to quiver worryingly and shake me to the bone. What was this Rock pokémon thinking? Did he have something he wished to tell me? Whatever it was, I think it was upsetting.

“Dusty, what’s wrong? Why can’t you use bite?” Master called to me. I wanted to answer, but I couldn’t.

“Hey! Golem! Get your stony butt into a rollout attack, now!” yelled a harsh voice. I glanced at where it was coming from, losing my concentration on ‘Golem’. It seemed to be a shaggy looking male trainer who had something mysterious about him—I could sense it. There was somewhat of a shady character behind that pretend smile and kindness he had displayed towards Master when he said he wanted to battle. He had a female as a partner, or so it seemed, who was just about as suspicious. She was the one who owned the butterfree.

“My Roarake. Not ‘Golem’,” the pokémon standing before me grumbled.

I was shocked. I snapped back to him. “...Wh-What?” I answered after the great Rock pokémon muttered something under his breath about a ‘stupid human’. ‘How could his trainer not know his name...?’ I thought.

The male golem exhaled deeply and looked hard into my eyes. But I just couldn’t believe that he had just talked back to his trainer—even though he couldn’t have heard.

“Do not pretend you didn’t hear me, fool,” snapped the pokémon. I narrowed my eyes with scorn.

‘How dare he say that. First his master, then a fellow pokémon!’ I thought. “Have you no respect?!” I questioned. He just sneered, widening his nostrils to make room for his mouth movements.

“I have plenty of it. Why else do you think I am trying to defeat you? Getting up after that blast was not easy, you know.”

After that remark, my brow furrowed. He didn’t make any sense. ‘What?! How on Earth is trying to faint somebody respectful?!’ I just shook my head. I had no time for this ridiculousness. If he wanted to play games, he could bring it up with someone else. “Well, then. If you’re gonna ‘defeat me’ then why in the world are you just standing there?!” I teased, raising my voice to be loud and clear. With an air-trembling roar of anger, the so called ‘Roarake’ launched himself at me shaped like a ball, and looking like a boulder. ‘Well, they don’t call them ‘golem’ for nothing!’ The thought rang in my head as I readied myself once again for the incoming attack. The boulder-like pokémon skidded on the spot at first, but then I realised that it was only to charge himself up to be faster for when he released his attack.

When he did come at me, I lowered the front part of my body near to the ground, then pushed off, this time leaping over Roarake rather than dodging it by flying off to one side. I landed on the ground, my paws absorbing all force caused by landing. Quickly swinging around, I saw the boulder do a u-turn and come straight back at me. I dodged to the left, and then he came at me another time. Once again, I pounced over the rolling stone. But this time I miscalculated my jump and the tip of my tail was caught on the spinning pokémon, and I flew backwards, trailing down the boulder and under its bottom in one blink of an eye. I screeched in pain as the boulder trampled over me, squashing me under its weight. The awful feeling shivered up my body as I had the weight pass over my chest and then my face before I flung out.

My distressful calls carried out across the battle field, which managed to catch Izante’s attention, thankfully. Master also seemed worried by the tone of her voice as she cried out towards me.

“Dusty! No! Are you okay, girl?” were her words. I was in a fair amount of pain, and for someone to ask if I was “okay” was completely ironic.

I winced at the aching I was experiencing, but if I didn’t move in a flash, that golem would come back and cause me more damage until I ran out of energy and fainted. And if it happened again, I would be in danger of breaking something—and I was lucky it didn’t happen the first time. The Rock type performed another burnout, causing his attack to charge up to become stronger.

“Dusty!” Master called. “Hit that golem with a flamethrower before it hits you again!” I nodded, frowning harder, and stepped with my legs apart to give me more balance. As quick as I could, I heated up rapidly inside and flicked my head in a half semi-circle, looking up. The flames were tingling in my throat, and I could feel the pleasant sensation that tickled inside. With a deep breath, I spurted a long stream of fire into the my opponent. He ceased his attack, uncurling from his ball. He had barely endured the attack which continued on for about three seconds before I ran out of breath. Even though he was a Ground and Rock type, I could see that Roarake was struggling to hold onto his consciousness by the way he seemed to keep drifting away from reality. The flames engulfed him, chewed him up, and spat him out. Roarake toppled around as if he had consumed a rotten berry and become drunk. But even after all of the damage that this golem had taken, he shook it off, but was heavily panting.

‘He must now know how I feel,’ I thought, not having to remember about the pain that I had to deal with. But still, how on earth could this golem keep getting up?! It didn’t make sense to me, and I thought of it to be absurd. “‘Will Power’ must be your middle name. You won’t let yourself give up!” I commented, and the golem looked up at me while frowning.

“You are not bad at surviving attacks yourself,” he replied with a grunt, but slight respect. And because of that, I was a little surprised. Maybe he had been impressed by my strong attack that fended off his own. “But that does not mean I can let you win! If I lose this, you will regret it; I promise you! So I shall do all I can to prevent you from winning this battle—for your sake!” Roarake vowed. But I was left stunned once again.

“What are you on about? That makes no sense! Contradictory much?!” I shouted. However, he didn’t seem to be listening at all as he charged at me. I snorted with frustration. If he didn’t want to listen, then I wouldn’t waste my time trying to talk.

I watched as he neared, running on his two massive feet. Every step he took made the ground rumble slightly, sending little vibrations crawling up my legs. I steadied myself, and calculated my jump just right this time.

Pushing off the ground, I leaped forwards onto the golem, using his head like a stepping stone to bounce on. Straight after I gained the elevation from the pokémon’s head, I bounded over his body and sustainably landed on the ground. Quickly I snapped my head around in the Rock and Ground type’s direction. He ended up falling over from the small force my legs caused. ‘He’s getting much am I. I have to finish this!’ I silently declared. However, just as I was about to unleash another powerful flamethrower, I heard pawsteps padding behind me. Instantly I span around to find Izante in my face. I blinked a few times, then smiled. “Long time no see!” I laughed, my eyes closed with glee. She nodded.

“Hehe, yeah.” She smiled back at me while I reflected her expression.

“I’ll give you the pleasure of finishing him off. I’m pretty much exhausted,” I told the leafeon with assurance. She nodded back.

I watched carefully as my best friend charged up her power and then lope towards Roarake, her paws becoming squashed each time pressure was applied to them.
The golem slowly and shakily turned around once on his feet, and his eyes widened instantly. For a split second, I felt sorry for him because of the worry that showed in his eyes. To him, this match seemed important. Very important. The crimson irises were fixed on Izante, but also seemed to touch me somehow, too.

I snapped out of it. This was merely a golem that we were battling for friendly competition. How could it be significant? It’s not like this was an experience we would never forget, or even remember for that matter. Guiding my mind back to the battle in front of me, I shook my head.

My leafeon friend sped past the golem, striking him with a glowing tail—iron tail. She then came to a sudden stop, but with the stop came a rebounding push of the ground to come racing back in Roarake’s direction. Next, Izante magnificently leaped, jumping so she would land perfectly on top of her opponent, and came crashing down with her tail first.

Right before the leaf blade attack slashed at Roarake’s shell, a cry emitted from the golem’s mouth. “Flareon, forgive me for my weakness! I failed to p—” His voice had been cut off from Izante’s attack, and he landed on the ground with a loud thump, bearing no remaining energy. His eyes danced with swirls as a moan escaped his mouth before they closed.

I spotted the butterfree not far off ready to be nursed by her trainer. She had been defeated by Izante. The golem had been knocked out cold by us both now, and it became evident that Izante and I had won the match.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

And that's the end of chapter one. :3 Did I space this out too much? :O

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