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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon

I like this, Xanthe. It starts like any other day, but I have a feeling its going to get not so every day very soon. Can't wait to read more!

So, I was wondering if you could put a character of mine in? Since I'm probably not going to write my story anymore, I'll let Chance have another time in the spotlight.

Name: Chance

Pokémon species: Turtwig

Gender: Male

Age: 13 in Pokemon years, but about 3 in human.

Any added features: Kind of knows Arceus, through what happened in my story.

History and past: Chance was born in a forest that, luckily, Celebi was in at the time. The Pokemon secretly blessed Chance with a gift, though he has no idea about it. After a year of living with his parents in the forest, an old human with a big mustache captured him. This man was Prof. Rowan, and in a few weeks Chance was given to a trainer named Josh. After some creepy and statisfying adventures, a very altered Josh has disappeared, and though Chance knows where he is, he refuses to tell anyone. He now 'roams' as he calls it, around the world.

Personality: Chance is spunky and outgoing, and refuses to be limited by anything. But he has a large tendency to be cynical and complaining that hides his fun side. In battle, he'll do absolutley anything to win, which can get him in sticky situations because he doesn't pay attention.

Likes - His best friend, Josh; the big city; apples; and the legendary land of 'Sentrap Ark' (That would be Central Park in real life XD), sarcasm
Dislikes - Fire (But not fire Pokemon), sappiness,

Fears: Cold, deep, black water

Level: 14
Attacks: Razor Leaf, Crunch, Leech Seed, Mega Drain, Grass Knot, Sleep Talk, Rest
Alliance: Good
Anything I'm missing: Is the Chance from my story, so he knows all about Pokemorphs and such. And I know he can't learn some his attacks at level fourteen, but I just couldn't resist. At least I didn't put Leaf Storm.