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Default Re: Through The Eyes Of A Flareon

Nice job, I like your descriptions, Xanthe ^^

I still need to think of a character to pester you to put in XD

Name: Hakumei

Pokémon species: Shiny Umbreon

Gender: Male

Age: About seventeen to eighteen in Pokemon years, but around forty in human

Any added features: Despite being an 'old Pokemon' as far as humans are concerned, Hakumei has a rather long life span ahead of him, being able to live longer than any Absol thanks to his past. Due to special training, he is also able to use Aura-related attacks as well as ExtremeSpeed.

History and past: Was and still is partner to a member of a Guardian Race created to protect the balance of the world. However, he and Mitsumae split up to better accomplish their duties. Therefore, he is a nomad who travels the various regions of the world.

Personality: Normally good natured and easy going, it takes alot to get him angry, but if you do... I advise you to run as fast as you can XD

Likes/Dislikes: Pretty simple; he dislikes those who are cruel to Pokemon, and likes those who are kind to them.

Fears: The only fear he has is not being able to accomplish what he is meant to do.

Level: 45

Attacks: Aura Sphere, Psychic, ExtremeSpeed, Agility, Dig, Quick Attack, Dark Pulse, Protect

Alliance: He will do what he deems as right depending on the situation, so Neutral, I suppose ^^'

Anything I'm missing: Nope, you're good.
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